Recruiting through Concept GTO can provide an avenue for a company to engage an apprentice on a short- or long-term basis. The varied length of the apprentices engagement may be based on;

  • The commitment to a fulltime unskilled worker is not possible.
  • The business lacks the internal structures and/or resources to accomplish the day to day management and coordination of an apprentice whilst maintain a full work schedule
  • The business being unable to provide the full on the job training required for an apprenticeship

Group Training Organisations (GTO’s) operate as a supplementary labour company that engages and supplies apprentices. They operate by completing employer duties that provide the apprentice with enrolment into appropriate theory courses as well as co-ordinating the on-the-job training through host employers. The specific aspects that Concept GTO would complete for an employer include:

  • Screening, interviewing and recruiting apprentices and trainees
  • Processing wages, allowances, superannuation and other employer contribution requirements, workers compensation, relevant personal and annual leave payments, and any other employment benefits that may become applicable under the relevant award or agreement.
  • Performance management, provision of PPE as well as managing the quality and continuity of training, both on and off the job
  • Sharing the duty of care with the host employer by providing any appropriate support that an apprentice needs to complete their training.

The end goal of a GTO is to;

  • Create more employment opportunities for the next generation of tradespeople
  • Provide sustainability for various industries by training the future workforce
  • Improving the quality of the workforce being engaged in the industry through learned skills

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